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Fragment is a third person puzzle adventure game that is set in the the subconcious mind of the player that has to navigate through the crumbling and dying mind. The player is soon accompanied by a spirit guide that helps you navigate through the levels and solving the puzzles in your path. The puzzles start off simple but gets harder through out the levels. The mechanics of it stays the same but you will have to start thinking a lot more towards the end.

The levels are meant to reflect the shattered and crumbling mind of the dying mind of the player. As you progress it gets darker and more infected, but all you want to do is to finally be at peace. But in order to do so, the player has to go through the levels and collect his old, lost memories and come to terms with the kind of person he once was during his life. Did he do right by his family? Or does he need to find forgiveness, not only from himself, but from his family. 

You will also find out who this mysterious spirit guide is along the way as you unlock more and more memories in all the levels.

We who made this

This game was made in 6 weeks as a student project at Futuregames, a higher vocational education school located in Stockholm, Sweden.



Team06_Fragment.zip 427 MB

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