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Fruit knight is a mash-up between the two classic games Pacman and Snake. The goal is to collect as many fruit knights as you can, and bring them to your nest to gain points. As you collect your fruits your tail of knights grow longer, so be careful and don't walk into your merry band. 

The challanging part is the skeletons roaming around the map. If you would to collide with a skeleton, it's game over.  If a skeleton would walk into your tail however, you would lose all the soldiers behind  the impact point, giving you a change to either return to your nest or continue the rescue search.

We who made this

This is the first student game we made here at Futuregames, a Higher Vocational Educations located here in Stockholm, Sweden. This game was made in 2 weeks using Unity Engine.

The team


Fruit Knight.zip 31 MB

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